This is a new version of the dataset and user interface application.  Beginning with the June 28, 2019 update, versions of both the application and dataset will be numbered starting at 1.00.  Previous versions will receive a version number below 1. 


Changes in Version 1.00 of the Compendium Dataset

  1. Added the following fields:
    1. Withdrawn (indicates whether the document was withdrawn by the Federal Circuit)
    2. Dissent (indicates whether the document contains a dissent)
    3. Concurrence (indicates whether the document contains a concurrence)
    4. CloudLink field (provides a link to the document in the Google Cloud repository)
  2. Added more information for records in many fields
  3. General data cleanup, including addressing entries that were inconsistent with the Codebook.

Changes in Version 1.00 of the Compendium Web App

  1. Added field support for new dataset fields Withdrawn, Dissent, Concurrence, and CloudLink
  2. The “Duplicate” field on the filter defaults to “No.”
  3. Added additional filters for fields Withdrawn, Dissent, and Concurrence
  4. Removed legacy code relating to full version of app


The previous version of the application and .sqlite file can be found at: